Learning to Give from a Place of Abundance and Not Depletion.

Do you feel like you never have time for yourself? 

Do you feel like you just want some time for yourself - GUILT FREE? Time to shower, read, visit with a friend, nap or just have 2 minutes of drinking hot coffee - not cold-nuked-a-few-times-throughout-the-day-‘fake’-hot-coffee but rather, hot coffee while having an uninterrupted self conversation?

We give so much of ourselves, our brains, our bodies, our hearts and our spirits, almost to a point of depletion and PURE exhaustion.  We are tired of being tired...and yet we feel guilty OF BEING TIRED! To add salt to the wound, there is an internal critic that discredits all of our HARD WORK the moment we see how good of a mom everyone else is - COMPARED TO US. It feels like our best is never GOOD ENOUGH. 

I say ENOUGH OF THIS nonsense!!! No wonder we are easily frustrated, resentful and not quite joyful! 

After 10 years of training women, there is no doubt that mothers are tired of being tired. Mothers today want to know that they too deserve time to replenish!


  • Why “ME” TIME as a mother is NECESSARY.
  • How to speak to yourself so you don’t doubt or question what you deserve.
  • Scripts on how to ask for help so you can get that little time you need to take care of YOU… so you can take care of everyone else.
  • Determine your own skill of carving out time for self nourishment.

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