The Art of Being a Woman Academy

If you’ve ever lived in exhaustion, experienced constant worry, or felt depleted as a new mother, this is something you’ve got to see.

Motherhood Gets Better When You Get Better.

Dear New Moms,

As a mother of 6 children, I will share with you that motherhood does not have to be difficult.

You are not meant to give life...only to lose yours. It is not meant to be a trade off.

I will show you why it is crucial to learn the basic SKILL SET and MINDSET
that will build the mental foundation you need NOW... and also in the years to come.

Remember: Motherhood gets better when you choose to be better everyday.

It is meant to be an exciting journey, filled with more ups than downs.

This exciting journey can only begin with you...

What's Included in The Confident First Timer Mom Classroom...

There Are 14 Modules

Think of them as lesson plans. There are 2 very critical components of being a mother: Mindset and Skillset.
Through each module, you'll become more aware of your own mindset and how to shift it;
and each time you go through a new lesson, you begin to apply the skills into daily action...
becoming INTENTIONAL in the way you SHOW UP in the WORLD.


Module 1: Mindset Shift - The Lens In Which You View Yourself As a Mother

In this module, you'll learn how to set the framework for your foundation as a new mother.

Module 2: How To Set Healthy Expectations For Yourself As a New Mom

How to avoid self-doubt, anxiety, and confusion during the transition as a new mom. Your worth should never be in question because of the transition you are in right now!

Module 3: What Words To Use and Not Use - Words That Either Build Or Break

Replace, don’t just erase. The words and the meaning we put behind the word will either break us or build us.

Module 4: How To Be Kind To Yourself - Understanding What You Are Up Against

We're swimming in this culture where mothers often do not have the support they need... Learn to be kind to yourself by seeing what you are up against!


Module 1: How To Communicate Your Needs Effectively

In this class, you'll learn how to be clear about what you need: when and how to ask for help, how to communicate without feeling guilty and resentful, and learn how to communicate it effectively and kindly.

Module 2: How to Receive Other People's Advice and Opinions

When you become a mom, everyone wants to give you their advice! But how to manage it all? You'll learn how to receive opinions and not take it personally. How to have the skills to distinguish which advice you want to use and not use in your life. How to hold people accountable and respectfully say "No."

Module 3: How to Deal with Your Hormones

In this class, you'll learn how to manage your hormones so they don't manage you! That means manage your nutrition, manage what you allow into your thoughts, and know what you need in those weak moments in order to anticipate and be prepared.

Module 4: How to Build a Baby Routine

In this class, you'll learn how to build a proactive routine for your baby to avoid reacting all day! You'll keep yourself and your baby happier!

Module 5: How to Carve Out "Me" Time

Learn to carve out "me" time every day to continue to nourish yourself so you can more effectively give of yourself. Learn to kindly ask your significant other for help.

Module 6: How to Look at Your Body Post-Baby

In this class, you'll learn how to look at your body after having a baby. You'll learn Mental Scripts that will help you honor your body. Be patient with your body in this transition time!

Module 7: How to Manage Draining Relationships

In this class, you'll learn how to protect the quality of your day by better managing draining relationships, learn when to walk away, and scripts for when to say "No."

Module 8: How to Journey the Unexpected

When things don’t go as you imagined, you have to be equipped to face the unexpected with a healthy perspective. In this class, you'll learn how to sharpen your ability to tackle uncertainties.

Module 9: How to Have a Rough Day

In this class, you'll learn how to have a rough day, how to snap out of it - and have a contingency plan for those rough days. You'll learn how to have a better day the next day; and how to plan for it. You'll also learn how to communicate to those you love that you need space - and ask for what you need.

Module 10: How To Take Care of Your Significant Other

In this class, you'll learn why you ought to prioritize your significant other, a practical plan to make him feel important in the transition, and learn to keep sacred your commitment to him.


11 Practical Raw Tips Based On My Personal Experience with 6 Children

Not Theory, Not Thousands of Pages of Books - Just my Raw, Real Experience that's Allowed Me to have Smooth Transitions with Each Newborn.


- Post Baby Healing

- Vision of You as a Mom

- Your Relationship with Your Mom

- Going Out with Your New Baby


- How to Stay Connected with Friends

- Tips on Breastfeeding

- Tips When You're in the Hospital

- Wardrobe Tips

And More Tips!

- Tips for the Last Month of Pregnancy

- Tips on How to Talk to Your Doctors

- Tips on Dealing with Mother-In-Laws

Start Being Intentional Today!

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Create the MINDSET and polish your SKILLSET to conquer your fears, eliminate self doubt and become the mother you envision!

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"I really wanted to put together an online school for mothers to gain practical tools and apply newly learned skills into daily action. Motherhood gets better when YOU get better."

January Donovan, Creator of The ABW Project

P.S. - I'm not a psychiatrist, psychologist or a doctor. My trainings are from my experience and do not guarantee complete transformation. This is a journey and we are all going through it doing the best we can. Be patient with yourself and always double check with your doctor. I am not responsible for any misuse of this information or for any of the results - my goal is to help you and direct you with concrete steps in this journey.