We are in the process of creating our ABW Impact Academy which is dedicated to training the
woman to LEARN, LEAD, and RISE. This is her one-stop- shop to learn the skills she needs to
face every role in her life with INTENTIONALiTY and PURPOSE. The Academy will give her
ACCESS to the skills and tools she needs to meet the demands of each chapter of her life. Our
in-depth course chart is coming soon…

Here are the some classes we offer:


Marry Up

How to Have a Marriage That Keeps You Free, Amplifies Your Life, Expands Your Dreams, and Stays So Dang Spicy
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Mamma Needs Sleep

Get Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night by the Time They're 12 Weeks Old
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First Time Mom Coach

Mindfully prepare for a baby and fun family life through self-discovery and embracing motherhood.

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Break Up Or Make Up

This class is for women who want to find the courage to either break up or make up.

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Date Up

How To Find The Right Man For You

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How To Hold Your Man Accountable


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The Art of Confident Living

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